Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Otis the Otter

    I have been following a awesome blog called allaboutami.  She has been blogging for four years now, and has designed and introduced a new amigurumi once a year for the Chinese new year.  I have been so inspired by her, and wanted to try to design my own amigurumi.  Her blogging has giving me the courage and inspiration to challenge myself.  I wanted to design a new amigurumi every month this year.  After a bit of research, I found a Native American Zodiac that helped me figure out what to make every month (here).  I don't really care about zodiac's but just used it to help narrow down ideas of what to design every month.  That being said, the Otter is the zodiac for January 20th - February 18th.  So here is Otis the Otter!

     Since Valentines Day falls under this zodiac, I designed little Otis holding a heart! Keep posted to next months zodiac.

Make 2
R1: Ch.2, sc 6 in second ch. From hook (6 sts)
R2: Sc 2 in each sc. (12sts)
R3 – R4: Sc around(12 sts)
Fasten off first, with second slip stitch into first shape.

R5: sc crochet around (24sts)
R6: *sc2, dec1*, rep 6 times. (18sts)
R7:*sc1, dec1*, rep 6 times. (12 sts)
R8-R9: sc around (12 sts)
R10: dec around and fasten off (6 sts) 

** Incase you were curious, here is my original sketch of Otis 

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