Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Lucky the Wolf


    February 19th - March 20th marks the month of the wolf! I had so much fun making this little guy!
I named him Lucky since he falls under St. Patrick's Day.  When I start planning my Amigurumi, I try my best to come up with an original sketch.
 I got the idea for the body, when I crochet this elephant (pattern found here).
This is my modification to the Elephant underbelly
     As I worked, I used a dog wire brush, to make the yarn appear furrier.

Here he is with Otis, the otter I designed for last month. 

4 Leaf Clover
Ch 12, sl st in 7th ch from hook.
*ch7, sl st in same foundation ch as before* repeat 2 more times.
FO and weave in ends


  1. Ahh, these all just make me smile! This reminds me of when we used to play wolves, remember that?